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There are three faces to Bologna: Bologna la rossa (the red), famed for her rusty rooftops, rich hues of terracotta and left-wing leanings; Bologna la dotta (the scholarly), so-called because the city is home to the oldest university in the world; and Bologna la grassa (the fat), the cradle of Italian gastronomy.


The international airport,  just 5 km from the old town, has daily connecting flights with the main Italian and European cities.
The railway station,  1.5 km from the old town makes Bologna the ideal base for visiting the historical cities Venice, Florence, Milan and Ferrara in less than two hours.



Museo Civico Archeologico - An impressive series of archaeological findings coming from the necropolis of the Etruscan city of Bologna, known as Felsina, which lays out the chronological development of local Etruscan culture from the 9th to the early 4th century BC; a prehistoric section which gathers together material of prehistoric Bologna.
Via de' Musei, 8 - 40124 Bologna - Italy
tel. +39.051.233 849  fax +39.051.266 516

Museo Civico Medioevale - Founded in 1881, since 1985 the Museum has been housed in Palazzo Ghilisardi -Fava , one of the highlights of Bolognese architecture in the Bentivoglio period.
Via Manzoni, 4- 40121 Bologna - Italy
tel. + fax +

Museo Morandi - The Museum houses the richest collection of works of Giorgio Morandi, in an exhibition space which offers many moments of thought and reflection.
Piazza Maggiore, 6 - 40100 Bologna - Italy
tel. +39.051.203 646 fax +39.051.203 403

Collezioni Comunali d'Arte - Founded in 1936, the Collezioni Comunali d' Arte are located in the monumental frescoed halls formerly housing the winter apartments of the Cardinal Legate in the Town Hall.
Piazza Maggiore, 6- 40100 Bologna - Italy
tel. + fax +

Biblioteca dell' Archiginnasio - The Palazzo ceased its original function in 1803, when the University was transferred to Palazzo Poggi and , since 1838 , has housed the Civic Library
Piazza Galvani, 1 - 40124 Bologna - Italy
tel. +39.051.276 811 fax +39.051.261 160

Pinacoteca - The National Pinacoteca of Bologna was founded in 1808 as gallery of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts : its estate ( several hundreds paintings ) came from convents and monasters of the town closed by Napoleon . .
Via delle Belle Arti, 56- 40126 Bologna - Italy
tel. +39.051.243 222 fax +39.051.251 368

Galleria d'Arte Moderna - The Galleria d'Arte Moderna of Bologna is one of the most important modern art museums in Italy . There are three exhibition spaces : the main one ( close to the Bologna Fair District ) , Villa delle Rose and the Museo Morandi in Palazzo d' Accursio .
Piazza Costituzione, 3- 40128 Bologna - Italy
tel. +39.051.502 859 fax +39.051.371 032

S.Giorgio in Poggiale - A wide variety of activities are organised there, including artistic exhibitions (the latest on Paul Klee, together with the Morandi Museum), instrumental or vocal concerts, lectures and conventions on various topics.
Via Nazario Sauro
40100 Bologna Italy


Al Pappagallo
Type of cuisine: Traditional/Creative
Type of restaurant: Historic/Elegant
Piazza Mercanzia, 3
Phone: 051/231200

Type of cuisine: Traditional
Type of restaurant: Tipical
Via Bellearti 17/A
Phone: 051/266894

Type of cuisine: Fish - Creative
Type of restaurant: Expensive
Via Del Battibecco, 4/D
Phone: 051/223298

Biagi Alla Grada
Type of cuisine: Traditional
Type of restaurant: Traditional/Elegant
Via Della Grada, 6
Phone: 051/553025

Type of cuisine: Traditional
Type of restaurant: Elegant
Via S.Stefano 19/B
Phone: 051/232037

Type of cuisine: Traditional
Type of restaurant: Elegant
Via Indipendenza, 24
Phone: 051/231302

Franco Rossi
Type of cuisine: Italian
Type of restaurant: Elegant
Via Goito, 3
Phone: 051/238818

La Pernice e La Gallina
Type of cuisine: Regional
Type of restaurant: Elegant
Via Dell'abbadia, 4
Phone: 051/269922

Type of cuisine: Traditional/Fish
Type of restaurant: Historic/Elegant
Via Della Zecca, 2/H
Phone: 051/220445

Type of cuisine: Creative/Traditional
Type of restaurant: Elegant
Via Mirasole, 19
Phone: 051/585857



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